Creative Recent Inventions – A New Way of Using Technology

Technology keeps changing our world, and with every new invention, we are coming ever so closer to becoming a better society. There are so many new inventions that we keep relying on in our everyday activities such as smartphones and the internet, streaming services, Bet9ja Registration and the like, that we almost forget about other, great new things which are either already here or on the horizon.

Here are some recent inventions which should stir your creativity.

Water Treadmill

The name might not sound like anything special but Water Wellness & Spa created a submerged treadmill. Swimming and running in shallow water is especially good for people who have had leg injuries. This device can further enhance recovery by giving you a simple option of walking or running in place.

You do not have to go to a local swimming pool and hope that they have a pool with just the right depth. Anyone with leg injuries can benefit from this device. It is a step in the right direction for physical therapy.

AddWash on Washing Machines

Did you ever forget a couple pieces of clothing and you already turned your washing machine on? Then you had to turn it off at the right time, when it was not full of water, to add your two shirts which you left on your chair.

That is in the past with the AddWash feature, basically a second door which allows you to add laundry without stopping the washing cycle.

Laser Glow Headphones

These headphones basically glow, thus making nice colors whenever you play music or rhythmically, if you set them to pulsating mode. You can choose between three laser colors as well as use them for heart rate measurement. They will pulse in rhythm with your heart rate. They come as in-ear headphones and with detachable buds, per your choice. They can also display notifications, simply by glowing.


For people out in the open, LifeStraw is a genius invention. It allows you to drink water through it, filtering out dangerous bacteria along the way. You can pop in into a nearby stream on a hiking trip and enjoy fresh, clean water, without having to fear possible bacteria, parasites and microplastics. It has a lifespan of 4,000 liters or a thousand gallons.

Air Bag Cycling Helmet

The airbag cycling helmet comes from a company called Hovding, Sweden. This helmet will detect when you fall off your bicycle and deploy an airbag to keep you safe. The helmet comes in the form of a necklace, sitting around your neck. Crash tests have proven that the device can work, keeping people’s heads safe from crashes.

It functions by using a sensor which measures 200 times each second and decides whether to deploy or not. The device cannot deploy before you arm it. It comes in different colors, too.

These are some of the newest gadgets and devices which are creative in their own way and functional in another. They are certainly inspiring and with the desire of moving the world forward.

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